Article: Peter I Alekseyevich

Peter the Great


Article: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Following the establishment of the "power vertical" system, the institute of plenipotentiary representatives of the President of the Russian Federation in federal districts was introduced by a Presidential Decree of May 13, 2000 (with the number of plenipotentiaries corresponding to the number of federal districts in the Russian Federation).


Article: Article by Vladimir Putin ”On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians“

During the recent Direct Line, when I was asked about Russian-Ukrainian relations, I said that Russians and Ukrainians were one people – a single whole. These words were not driven by some short-term considerations or prompted by the current political context.


Article: History of the Formation of Russia 

Russian statehood spans over 1000 years of great history. Over that time, the small princedom founded in the northern lands became the largest country on the planet.


Article: Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy was born on August 28 (September 9), 1828, to a reputable noble family in Yasnaya Polyana (the ancestral homestead of his mother in the Tula Governorate). He was the fourth child in the family. The future great writer was orphaned as a child, though.


Article: Ivan the Terrible — the Pious and Chanting Hero of the Folk Epos and the first Russian Tsar

Ten facts about Ivan IV Vasilyevich, born on August 25, 1530


Article: Mikhail Gorbachev

Mikhail Gorbachev was born on March 2, 1931, to a peasant family living in the village of Privolnoe, Stavropol Territory. From the age of 13, he had to combine his studies with collective farm work. At the age of 15, he began working as an assistant combiner.


Article: Boris Yeltsin

It is difficult to evaluate Yeltsin’s activities impartially since too little time has passed since the period of his leadership of the country. Only one thing is certain: he was a person who turned the course of history and conducted a series of reforms with questionable consequences for Russia.


Article: Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev

Nikita Khrushchev is one of the most colourful Soviet leaders. Year of his reign went down in the history of the Soviet Union as "The Thaw" — a time of reform and liberalization of society to a certain extent after the death of Joseph Stalin.


Article: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Ulyanov)

Vladimir Lenin (Ulyanov by his real surname) was born in 1870 in Simbirsk to the family of a public-school inspector. In 1879–1887, Vladimir studied at a gymnasium school and graduated from it with a gold medal.


Article: Joseph Stalin

Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (Stalin) was born on December 21, 1879б in the city of Gori (Georgia), to the family of a shoemaker. In 1888, Joseph Stalin entered a religious school and, having graduated from it with honours in 1894, was enrolled into a religious seminary in Tiflis.


Article: Ivan IV the Terrible

Ivan was born to the family of the Grand Duke of Moscow Vasili III (Rurikovich) and the Lithuanian Princess Elena Glinskaya in 1530. However, as early as in 1533, Ivan lost his father; in 1538, his mother died as well.


Article: Catherine the Great

Being a foreigner by origin, she sincerely loved Russia and took care of her people's welfare. The spouse of Peter III occupied the throne by means of a palace coup and tried to implement the most prominent ideas of the European Enlightenment within Russian society. ?


Article: Nicholas II of Russia

Nicholas II, the eldest son of Emperor Alexander III, was born on May 6, 1868. Nicholas received a home education, which was, although, a part of a large gymnasium course. Special programmes combining the university course of the Government and the Economic Schools of the Law Department had been developed by the best teachers.


Article: Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev

In his inaugural speech, Medvedev said that the priority task was "to further develop civil and economic freedoms, create new civil opportunities."


Article: The Interagency Commission on historical education holds its first meeting

Presidential Aide Vladimir Medinsky chaired the first meeting of the Interagency Commission on Historical Education.


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